Nollywood Star, Damilola Adegbite urges followers to censor time on social media to protect mental health

Nigerian actress, Damilola Adegbite has urged her followers to be cautious of the contents they digest on social media so as to safeguard their mental health, charmingpro reports.

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She also revealed that people should control how much time they spend scrolling through other people’s lives.

The actress hinted that the suitable way to avoid being depressed is to mute or unfollow accounts which might result to that (depression).

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In her words as captured by charmingpro

“Mental Health tip:

“If you have a tendency to feel envious, dissatisfied and depressed easily, be selective of the people you follow on your social media accounts.

“The content we digest on a daily basis plays a huge role in how we feel about our looks and what goes on in our minds.

“Instagram introduced the “mute” option for a reason.

“Use it if you are worried someone will notice you unfollowed them.

“Follow” pages that inspire you or make you laugh.

“Also, be cautious of how much of your time you spend scrolling through other people’s lives. Your mental health is a priority.

“Almost everything you will ever do or be, good or bad, starts in your mind


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