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AFROEUROPA GALA NIGHT is an initiative of  Charming Production Limited (Publishers of Charming Magazine), a Media Company registered in England and Wales (registration number 11657664), printed and currently distributed in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and Nigeria. 
The AFROEUROPA Gala Night was conceived out of passion for the promotion of peace, unity and love for all.
The name  ‘AfroEuropa’ was coined from two continents – Africa and Europe.  This clearly reflects our respect and openness to diversity and embrace of social harmony amongst different ethnicities and races  within the community –  as there can never be too much promotion of global Love and Unity.
The advent of Covid-19 Pandemic affected Countries across the globe, causing adverse impacts on businesses, financial status, lifestyle, breakdown in relationships, Inflation, protests on standards of living and government policies in the United Kingdom, and other countries, and increase in mental health issues..
Charming Production Limited being a responsible company came up with a concept of providing a platform where among other entertaining activities, topics of concern to citizens in the UK can be discussed in a relaxed environment; hence the launch of the inaugural edition of  ‘AfroEuropa Gala Night’ in October 2022.
The purpose and vision of AFROEUROPA, include :
To create a relaxed and beautiful ambience where community leaders, men and women in business and other corporate fields, can take time out of their busy schedules to relax and enjoy a fun night. 
To enable a platform for networking and development of healthy Business relationships between Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) community, and other ethnicities. 
To promote respect for diversity, community cohesion and peaceful and cordial coexistence within the community.
Our Goal is to ensure that AFROEUROPA becomes a successful yearly Event where people from different backgrounds and ethnicities can meet in a warm and welcoming ambience, to  socialise and discuss ideas that can be of immense benefit to the BAME community in the U.K.
Maureen Layokun - Founder of AfroEuropa Gala Night
Maureen K. Layokun, Founder/Convener AfroEuropa Gala Night