Nigerian Navy Reveals Why Cute Abiola Is Yet to Be Released

It’s been ten days since Naval personnel and entertainer Abdulgafar Ahmad Oluwatoyin, aka Cute Abiola, was arrested and held in the Nigerian Navy’s custody for posting a video of himself in military uniform on social media.

The cause for his extended detention was revealed by Naval spokeswoman Commodore Saluman Dahun, who stated that Ahmad’s issue is an administrative problem that is being dealt with administratively.

Dahun, who said this in an exclusive interview with The PUNCH on Wednesday, declined to say anything else about it because he didn’t say when the comedian will be released to his family.

Debo Adedayo nicknamed Mr Macaroni, a colleague in the comedy profession, had raised the alert that Cute Abiola might be gone. He went missing on Monday, November 15, 2021, after reporting to his office in Navy Town, Lagos.

The Navy later announced in a statement that the comedian was not missing, but had been jailed for violating naval rules by posting a video of himself in military uniform on social media, which was in violation of the armed forces’ social media policy.

Dahun further alleged that the comedian did not show up when he was summoned to explain himself, and that he finally returned after his leave expired on November 15, 2021, and was arrested the same day.

When asked on Wednesday whether the comedian has been released, the naval spokesman said, “An administrative process is on regarding the matter. Period!”

Asked whether the comedian would be charged, Dahun told newsmen that “it is an administrative issue and it is going to be addressed administratively. Period!”


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