VIDEO: Pastor Duplantis Says Jesus Hasn’t Returned Because People Haven’t Donated Enough Cash

A pastor has claimed that Jesus hasn’t returned to Earth because people aren’t donating enough cash to their churches.

Evangelical pastor Jesse Duplantis was speaking during a four-day event entitled Victorython, which aired on the Victory channel when he made the claim.

Jesse Duplantis, a preacher from the Christian Evangelical Charismatic tradition based in New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S., and the founder of Jesse Duplantis Ministries, is considered a preacher of the prosperity gospel.

Duplantis has faced criticism for his ministry’s perceived lack of response to helping the community. His church resides in St. Charles Parish, where some 95 percent of the residences remained without power for weeks after the storm. St. Charles Parish was one of the hardest-hit areas.

Speaking during a live TV event “Victorython” on Victory Channel, Duplantis said understanding this and donating will speed up the process of Jesus’ second coming.

He also bragged about being a multi-millionaire and owning a private plane. Duplantis said;

“I honestly believe this – the reason why Jesus hasn’t come is because people are not giving the way God told them to give.

“When you understand this, you can speed up the time.

“I really believe this, if people would call this number and put this victory all over the world, every available voice, every available outlet, God the Father would say, ‘Jesus, go get ’em.’ Because, you see, he wants to see us as much as we want to see him. … And so what is hindering all these things is because people are not doing in the financial realm — because we’re living in an economic world — what God’s called them to do.

“So I don’t have a problem with giving, I don’t have a problem with receiving. It doesn’t make any difference. I just made up my mind, I want Jesus to come.”

His claim has triggered mixed reactions as many are accusing him of “using the name of God to make money off of poor people, ignorant people, elderly people.”

Watch the video below.


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