VIDEO: Couple suffer embarrassing fall during first dance at their wedding

During their first dance, a couple collapsed on the floor in front of their wedding guests.

The newlyweds were welcomed to the center of the hall for their first dance as a pair, surrounded by their loved ones.

However, as the groom dipped the bride during the dance, they both ended up on the ground.

The bride blamed it on her heavy bridal gown and stated that her husband is still “mortified.”

The video has gone viral after the bride @Haitianbeauty25 shared it on Instagram with the caption: “Falling in love.

“Not sure he understood the assignment! Not sure I cared.

“Can’t really blame him with all 5’9 of muscle + Galia Lahav weight

“I just know that I had the time of my life, could not stop laughing and poor David was/still is mortified.”

Watch the video below.



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