SUMMERTIME MAKE-UP TIPS By Olaronke Sunkanmi (Glamtouchmakeover)

Summertime is that season every makeup lover dreads because of the mess the heat can make of our beautiful and lovingly applied makeup, as such we want to ensure our make-up lasts all day during these hot and humid summer days.  As the temperature rises, getting our make-up to last long can be very difficult as the heat tends to melt down our makeup faster than usual making it more of a daunting task for us as opposed to what we should be enjoying.

No doubt, the hot weather leaves us with not much of a choice but to embrace the fact that the intense heat that comes with the weather makes wearing heavy makeup a ‘No, No’!. Let’s not forget it takes extra effort to remove foundation mixed with sweat – therefore, heavy makeup should be avoided as much as possible this humid season.

Meanwhile, choosing the right product and following these tips will guide you through the process of applying your makeup in order to achieve a flawless look and ensure your make-up lasts all day despite the hot weather.

Full details in Charming Magazine Issue 5.


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