Stronger than Snakes: Take a Look at Birds that Feed on Snakes [Photos]

Stronger than Snakes: Take a Look at Birds that Feeds on Snakes [Photos]

Nature is always amazing with its wonders. Most people seems to believe Snakes are one of the deadliest and most fearful land creatures to humans. Same also, many other creatures fear snakes, but there are some ordinary creatures like birds that are predators to Snakes. Some of these birds are listed below.


The Eagle is regarded as the king of all birds (All creatures that fly in the sky), it also feeds on a lot of animals which includes the very big and venomous snakes. The snake eagle specifically hunts for very big snakes even the venomous ones. It uses its talons to pierce through the body and head of the snakes before they can bite them.


Hawks are also natural hunters of any kind of little crawling creatures. They hunt for snails, lizards, toads, snakes and other smaller animal. The red tailed hawk specifically targets snakes and carries them away as food to a place it can retire and consume it.

3. OWL

The Owl is another bird that is predator to other smaller creatures such as insects, toads, lizards, rats and snakes. Barred owl specifically attacks snakes and kill them for food.


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