Remembering the Christian Lady who died Smiling. Here’s what Happened …

Remembering the Christian Lady who died Smiling, Here's what Happened
Remembering the Christian Lady who died Smiling, Here's what Happened

Death is a natural call which everyone will one day answer. We just have to keep praying that God’s purpose in our life if accomplished before our time comes. To my Opinion, the best way to die as a Christian is knowing that you’re going to spend eternity with God. Knowing you are going to rest in Peace with your maker.

Today Charming Magazine will be sharing an old story behind the photo of a beautiful reverend sister who died smiling. Her death was without doubt heart touching, it proves she indeed knew where she was going.

The deceased Reverend Sister is identified as Cecilia Maria, she lived in Teresa and Joseph Monastery in Santa Fe, Argentina. Sister Cecilia Maria became a devoted Christian at her youthful age, graduated as a nurse at the age of 26 and made her first vow as a discarded Carmelite.

She devoted her life to serving God and was known for her sweetness, her constant smile, and her violin skills. Cecilia Maria spent her years doing the good works of God and left a positive impact on the lives of people around her. 

“She was a beautiful lady who spent her years as a good person”.

Sadly, after many years of Cecilia Maria’s service, she became very ill. Her illness was caused by cancer of the tongue which had spread down to her lungs. Despite her sickness, she continued doing the right thing and she never stopped praying and smiling. The sickness became worse but she still maintained her positivity.

Cecilia Maria knew she was going to die but she didn’t panic or blame God, she continued to maintain her faith, and this was her last wish which she wrote on a paper.

“I was thinking about how I would like my funeral to be. First, some intense prayer and then a great celebration for everyone. Don’t forget to pray but don’t forget to celebrate either!”

Pretty looking Cecilia Maria died at the age of 42 and undoubtedly, she died a peaceful death. Though she didn’t spend much time on earth, she impacted the lives of many with her positivity. She truly achieved something during her lifetime and her story serves as a reminder to us that we should always remain positive and nothing should make us turn from good to evil even in the face of death.

Cecilia Maria Dead Smiling because she knew where she was heading to after death. She knew eternal life awaits her, she smiled to death as she was ready to meet her maker.

May as many of us as possible emulate this kind of lifestyle so we can die knowing where we are heading to, Amen.


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