Dolly Unachukwu, Lillian Bach and other Nollywood Actresses who Dumped Acting for Other Careers [Photos & Details]

Although Nothing Lasts forever, but these Actresses thrilled us real good with their unique acting skills and also impacted positively the lives of many. Their excellent acting made them were loved by many.

These beautiful faces dropped off the stage to other career callings, and till date we still await the return of their faces on screen.

Indeed, nothing lasts forever and it is inevitable that everyone must surely quit or retire from their career at one point or another. So below are beautiful faces of Nollywood of then who veered into other career paths. Let’s see if you can remember any one.

1. Susan Patrick:

Beautiful Susan Patrick is a well known Nigerian actress as of then, she stayed in the industry for a short period of time. She starred in a couple of movies before she disappeared from our screen, but we later heard the sad news that she lost her husband.

The beautiful actress seem to have deliberately hidden from the public eye, as she has remained incommunicado, even from the social media. So her current job is unknown

Some of her movies are; Sakobi, Flashback, Christian Marriage, Woman in Love, The Broken Plate, among others.

2. Lilian Bach:

Our light Skinned Pretty Lilian Bach,  is a Nigerian actress and former model. One of the most beautiful Actresses of then who also made her fame in the movie industry. She came to limelight as a model and also contested for the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria pageant in the 90s. She was the face of Delta soap at one time.

The beautiful bi-racial actress whose father is Polish and mother a Yoruba from Lagos, has since dumped acting and now an entrepreneur and doing real good.

Some of her movies are; The Cartel, Market Sellers, Lost Paradise, Ready to Die, Broken Edge, Outlast, Not Man Enough, Ogidan, Angels of Destiny, Magic Love, among others.

3. Regina Askia:

Regina Askia is a Nigerian actress who took the movie industry by storm in the 90s and early 2000s. Her skills were perfect and beyond comparison as of then, she was so loved by her fans. Our former beauty queen came to limelight after starring in the soap opera Fortunes.

She relocated to the United States at the peak of her career. She got married there and now works as a nurse, that’s how she waved acting aside.

Some of her movies are; Full Moon, Suicide Mission, Dark Goddess, Juliet Must Die, Vuga, Highway to the Grave, Festival of Fire, Cursed from Beyond, and several others.

4. Sandra Achums:

Pretty Face Sandra Achums is a Nigerian actress who shot into limelight after starring in the movie Deadly Affair, she made a great impact in the movie and as well made her fame. The talented actress was one of the most sought-after actresses of her time.

But She suddenly disappeared from our screen and we later got to know she has relocated to Germany where she is now based and living with her family. That’s how she shoved her movie career aside.

Some of her movies are; Deadly Affair, Domitilla, Circle of Tears, Love without Language, Family Crisis, Hatred, My Cross, Outkast, Karishika, and several others.

5. Georgina Onuoha:

Beauty Georgina Onuoha is a Nigerian top actress as of then. She used to be a regular face some years ago before she decided to dump her acting and left the shores of the country, relocating to the United States where she is living happily.

The actress is very active on social media, she later revealed to the public that she now works as a health information specialist and also as a financial adviser. She has shoved acting aside.

Some of her movies; Egg of Life, Without Shame, Valentino, Emotional Tears, Final Whistle, Hidden Secret, Wrong Desire, Without Apology, Aristos, and several others.

6. Dolly Unachukwu:

We all knew the beautiful Dolly Unachukwu, who starred us through inspiring movies as of then. She came to limelight after starring in the soap opera Fortunes. However, the movie Deadly Affair launched her into the movie world and also her fame.

The beautiful actress acted in a handful of movies before she dumped acting and relocated to the United Kingdom where she is now based and living with her family. Rather than Acting, she is now more into movie production. ‘The Broadway’ is her last movie production. Family over acting, best decision.

Some of her movies are; Glamour Girls, Deadly Affair, Final Decision, The Empire, War of Roses, Full Moon, Wildest Dream, Sisters Love, among others.


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