EndSars: More Touching Photos as Nigerians Protest

EndSars Brutality has been the top trending story in Nigeria because of the new terrible things the Nigerian Protective Square known as SARS has brought upon lives, everyday record of killings by pointing finger on ANTI-ROBBERY SQUARED (SARS).

So with all the killings of beloved ones, Nigerians decided to come out and stand out for their rights by protesting to the end of Sars, which was tagged EndSars.

This image below displays a lady i bitter tears as she refused to fly the Nigeria flag, which states she is not happy with her country. Her own part of the story is indeed the most touching of all. For the fact that a citizen of a country, refuses to fly it’s country’s flag means the condition of the country is not pleasing, is realy heart breaking. Let the Federal Government run to it’s citizens cry and help out.

lady cries and refused to fly her country’s flag out of pain and been disappointed in the country (EndSars)

Also below are many more photos of Citizens of Nigerian as the Protect to EndSars. Please let their cries not be invein.

This hard man took a big risk to stand a Police Pole-Stand to Fly the Flag with a Tag ENDSARS

We Pray our country will be better Soon, Amen.



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