“I can’t be silenced” – Tobore Cries out as She Accuses Mo Abudu of Theft

"I can’t be silenced" - Tobore Cries out as She Accuses Mo Abudu of Theft

Tobore Ovuorie an investigation journalist speaks up in an interview with PulseTV as she cried out that her true life story was used as a movie by Mo Abudu tittled “Oloture” without any compesation.

Tobore Ovuorie popularly known for her 2014 investigative work, ‘Inside Nigeria’s Ruthless Human Trafficking Mafia’. She sadly revealed in the interview with PulseTV, making clear to the everyone that the famous Nigeria movie directed by Mo Abudu titled “Oloture”, released 2nd of October, 2020, is her life story.

It was stated that Tobore Ovuorie the Nigeria journalist, recently demanded for a total sum of $5,000,000 (about N225million) from entertainment firm, EbonyLife Films for talking her true life story without her permission, which she tagged as stealing.

The journalist, accused ebonylife of adapting her work without express permission, also stating how her health diminished due to the trauma that came along working on the story.

In her Words, she said: “Oloture is my life story. As a result of a story, everything got scattered, I lost quite a lot. Relationship gone. Health got into a mess. You know what it means when you spend each of your savings to the last dime on meditations on injections. Even when the money isn’t available, I have to find every means to get the money because without the medication I can’t sleep. Then someone now picks your story makes it into a movie, lies it is their own idea. I can’t be silenced”.


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