How Demons Molested Me, Destroyed My Phone- Actress Chioma Ifemeludike

How Demons Molested Me, Destroyed My Phone- Actress Chioma Ifemeludike
Chioma Ifemeludike

Chioma Ifemeludike, a Nollywood actress and filmmaker, claimed that demons molested her and destroyed her phone after she visited a social media page.

On Thursday, she recounted her ordeal on her Instagram page.

Ifemeludike said,

“Something strange happened yesterday. I stumbled on a birthday post and I admired the celebrant so much that I had to go to her page to feed my eyes and somehow, I noticed the girl’s bestie was one of those wild girls with the perfect body fashionistas.

“I do amebo enter the bestie’s page (you know those investigative mood when you travel to different pages just to codedly look at beautiful pictures).

“I stayed glued scrolling through this girl’s page (and she truly is a wild one); from lesbian kissing videos to naked pictures everywhere.

“I stayed on that page for about 30 minutes scrolling and she had this natural charm that will keep you searching.

“Long story short, when I eventually closed my phone, I didn’t pray. I went straight to bed.

“By midnight, these demons molested me, oh my God! They destroyed my second phone because I usually play worship songs while I sleep.

“I woke up angry in my spirit. I was careless and allowed evil ideas to penetrate my mind.

“As a born again christian, you need to be mindful of what you watch and if someone you follow puts out filthy contents, unfollow quickly for your spiritual protection (even if it’s me).

“Remember bad company corrupts good character! Preserve your salvation at all costs! Shalom.”

The actress further stated that demons have hijacked social media, as she warned users to be careful about contents they feed their mind with.

She said, “Social media have been hijacked by demons and their cohorts. Satan is on the loose, massively recruiting his end time agents.

“Y’all have to be careful who you follow and the content you feed your mind with. I’m referring to christian brethren.

“Some so-called influencers and content creators have thrown caution to the wind all for traffic.

“There is so much nakedness, gay content, flirting etc. The internet space have been polluted by some agents of darkness.”


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