Clearing agents demand review of age limit for imported vehicles

The Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) has demanded that the age limit on imported vehicles in the country be reviewed, Charmingpro reports 

The ANCLA said in a statement issued on Tuesday by its acting President, Kayode Farinto, that the current 12-year age limit for vehicles imported into Nigeria was not beneficial to Nigerians.


It went on to say that the policy would benefit only a few people.


The ANCLA chastised the Federal Government for constantly reviewing automotive policy due to changes in transportation ministers, claiming that the inconsistency harms the sector’s businesses.

“The age limit on imported vehicles should be increased to at least 15 years from the current 12 years,” according to the statement. The entire auto policy has been a sham that has continued to enrich a few Nigerians at the expense of our economy.”



“With the introduction in the last decade or so, we are unable to produce ordinary radiators, while few people smile to the banks with our money under the guise of being local assemblers and manufacturers.” It’s past time to revise this policy.

“This government’s trial and error must be stopped immediately; just when we thought there was a eureka moment in the transportation ministry, the government decides to replace the minister with a new person who will begin learning and visitation in the next three months.”

“With these retrogressive steps every time, we are stagnant and not really moving forward, and it is encouraging neocolonialism.”


“In accordance with international best practices, the federal government must reorganize and re-orient the management of the Nigeria Customs Service from its current moribund state.”


“The current one has consistently caused confusion in the trading community with her high-handedness, lack of control and checks, to the point where the federal ministry of finance has lost her supervisory role, resulting in a high level of non-professionalism in the nation’s service.”


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