Bring out your CCTV recordings to back up this stupidity you put out – Reality TV star Alex Asogwu slams Doren hospital


BBNaija star, Alex Asogwu has slammed the management of Doren Hospital Lagos state following the statement they released denying complicity in the death of Rico Swavey  Charmingpro reports.


The hospital has been under fire in the last 24 hours after a disturbing video of Rico Swavey in the hospital’s facility went viral. The nurses in the hospital were accused of filming Rico in his critical state and also laughing while attending to him.


In a statement released this evening, the hospital said none of its nurses filmed Rico. According to the hospital, it was the good samaritan who brought him to the hospital as well as Rico’s female friend who was contacted that filmed him and shared the video online ”for reasons best known to them”


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