UK based journalist, Sussie Retty has provided some strong evidence against alleged celebrity scammer, Mike Ezuruonye.

Apparently, Mike Ezuruonye reportedly scammed her friend, Rachael of 12 thousand pounds via romance scam.

According to Sussie, before he dumped her, Rachael ordered for two caps and a shirt from popular designer, Kayebony in London for Mike in 2017.

The present was for him to celebrate his birthday that year.

According to her, Mike Ezuruonye himself went to Kayebony in London to pick up the gift.

“If i was taking to a supposed scammer online and not Mike as he claims, why did he go himself to pick up the items, why was it not the scammer who went to Kayebony to pick it up?”, Rachael said.

According to Sussie, after collecting the items, Mike took some photos with Kayebony and shared on his verified Instagram page. He even reportedly scolded Rachael for opening up o Kayebony about their relationship.

“He scolded me for revealing to Kayebony that we were dating, see the messages attached.” Rachael claimed.

Watch Sussie explain everything below:

See exclusive evidences provided to Charming Magazine by Sussie Retty


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