Alleged assassination plot: Prepare for war if anything happens to Peter Obi – Igbo youths

The Coalition of South East Youth Leaders, COSEYL, has warned against alleged terrorist plots to assassinate Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi, Charmingpro reports 

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According to a statement issued on Saturday by the coalition’s President-General, Goodluck Ibem, some terrorists told their kidnapped victims who were recently freed that they have concluded plans to assassinate Obi over his decision to run for president in 2023, calling Obi a threat.

In response to the threat, COSEYL stated that Peter Obi has the constitutional right as a bona fide Nigerian citizen to run for any political office of his choice, and that the threat may lead to war.

“Nobody should believe that he or she has a monopoly on violence,” the statement says in part. We are not weak or senseless because we are peaceful.

“As a genuine citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria born in Nigeria, Mr. Peter Obi has the constitutional right to run for any political office he sees fit, and no one can stop him.”

“Anyone who believes he wants to attack Peter Obi is sick, and the illness will be treated properly at the appropriate time.”

“Only a wicked and idiotic person will be content with the nation’s current state.” Our country is in desperate need of a drastic change that will turn things around for the better, and some people are plotting to make things worse for selfish reasons.

“We want these criminals to know that even a lunatic is owned by someone, and if you touch him thinking that as a lunatic roaming the streets, he has no one to defend him, his true owners will come out to defend him.”

“We urge the security agencies to act immediately and apprehend the true criminals plotting to assassinate Mr Peter Obi simply because he is running for President, a position for which he is eminently qualified.” Enough of that.


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