Pero Adeniyi reacts as friends addressed her as ‘2Baba’s first wife’

Pero Adeniyi has reacted to her girlfriends calling her as “Tuface’s first wife” when they were out in Abuja.

In a viral video, her friends lauded her and referred to her as “our first wife.”

They also referred to her as Tuface’s only first wife, claiming that no other woman would ever take her position in his life.

“We are here with our In-law, Pero. This is our wife, Infact, this is the only first wife that Tuface has and nobody or any other wife will take her position,” they said.

In response, the US-based make-up artist, who has three children with the singer, laughed enthusiastically and went for a brief run before rejoining her girlfriends.

This is in response to the ongoing squabble in Tuface and Annie Idibia’s marriage.

Annie had previously criticized the singer for staying at Pero’s home in the United States.

This sparked a feud between Annie and 2face’s brother, Charles, who accused Annie of abusing the music star and barring his family from visiting their house.

Annie also swore to scatter their marriage, adding that she’s tired of the ill-treatment the idibias were dishing out to her.


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