‘Stingy man’: What Peter Obi did in 2009 – Bianca Ojukwu replies Fr Mbaka

Bianca, the wife of late Biafra warlord Ikemba Odumegwu Chukwuemeka Ujukwu, has responded to Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka’s remark about presidential candidate Peter Obi, Charmingpro reports.


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Remember that Mbaka said during a gathering of his ministry in Enugu State that Peter Obi cannot be Nigeria’s president because he is stingy.

Obi declared that unless God ceases to exist, he would never smell the president’s seat.

Bianca described her encounter with Obi as the former Anambra Governor refusing to buy a $3,985 suit and instead opting for a $220 suit in 2009 in order to donate money to help the needy.

According to her, if Obi’s value is’stinginess,’ Nigeria should follow suit in order to have a sustainable environment.

“NO APOLOGIES, PLEASE,” she wrote on Facebook. Concerning Peter Obi’s alleged ‘Stinginess’….

“In life, you either live by your creed or you desecrate the mold that the Almighty made you in.” Any progressive nation evaluates an individual based on his values rather than his wealth.

“If Peter Obi’s way of life is derided as stinginess, then we all need to adopt this mold for a more sustainable and humane environment.”

“Mr’ (as he preferred to be addressed) Peter Obi, Governor of Anambra State at the time, paid Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu and myself a visit in Dallas, Texas, sometime in 2009. He was scheduled to attend a black tie event at the Dallas Marriott after delivering a get-well message from Dr. Goodluck Jonathan.

“Intriguingly, Obi flew into Dallas airport with one small carry-on bag that he insisted on wheeling around himself, and when he arrived at our house, he requested to freshen up.” ‘What are you going to wear to the event tonight?’ we asked. It occurred to him at that point that he could not attend such a ceremony dressed casually.

“I insisted on taking him to Neiman Marcus’ luxury men’s emporium to buy a smart black suit.” When we arrived, he was busy converting dollars to Nigerian naira. The suit that was a perfect fit for him was a dapper Tom Ford suit that cost $3,985 plus tax.

“To cut a long story short, Obi refused to pay what he called “that outrageous price” for the Tom Ford suit, which led us to Steinmart, where he agreed to pay a more reasonable price of $220 (tax included) for a basic men’s suit that he was happy to wear to that evening’s event.”

Obi, on the other hand, later gave her dollars intended for the suit to be used for her charity foundation.

Meanwhile, Obi has stated that he has no intention of responding to the Catholic priest.


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