Why you must ignore Mbaka’s prophecy on Peter Obi – Fr Kelvin sends message to Nigerians

Rev Fr Kelvin Ugwu, a Catholic priest, has urged Nigerians to disregard the recent prophecy by the founder of Adoration Ministry, Enugu, Fr. Ejike Mbaka, against Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi, Charmingpro reports.

Mbaka, a fiery Enugu Catholic priest, has declared that Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s candidate, cannot be elected President of Nigeria in 2023 because he is too stingy.

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Mbaka’s remark is currently eliciting reactions from Obi’s supporters.

In response, Fr Kelvin, a Nigerian Catholic priest serving in Malawi, said in a post on his verified Facebook page that such prophecies had previously plunged the entire nation into ‘purgatory.’

Mbaka declared in 2015 that President Muhammadu Buhari was a messiah chosen by God to lead the country to its promised land, according to Charmingpro.

However, the controversial priest had attacked Buhari’s government for alleged corruption, claiming that the president was controlled by some cabals in Aso Rock.

In the past, we have listened to self-proclaimed prophets tell us who to vote for, according to Fr Kelvin. We tried them several times, but they always landed us in purgatory. This time, we’ve decided not to believe prophecies.

Fr Kelvin responded to Mbaka’s stingy remark by saying that Nigerians had “tried candidates who used to share money.” We voted for those who will distribute oils, Maggi, Indomie, and 1k in front of the camera, but we ended up in hell.”

“This time, we’ve vowed never to believe any self-proclaimed prophet or their prophecies.” We are not saying that prophecy is bad, but we are saying that the most important prophecy from God in the 2023 election is for us to use the common sense that God has given us.

“Finally, we have vowed not to give you shishi if you do not deserve it.” Nobody will be bribed. We will not waste anything. Shishi, you will not see unless we recognize the significance of the project to the general public.


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