SKINCARE & WELLBEING (by Vincentia Nana)

Vincentia Nana

Are you one of those few people with extra sensitive skin, so fragile that you sometimes wish you could have your skin wrapped up in cotton wool for added protection; perhaps you should consider Lancome’s Absolue Precious Cells Rose Drop Night Peeling Concentrate. Prepared with 3.5% gentle glycolic acid and nourishing rose oil, this product removes dead skin and at the same time hydrates the dermis that lies underneath. The beauty of it is, repair to the skin takes place while you are busy sleeping.

Realise ‘Your Smoothest Skin EVER’  Dream!

The Caudalie’s promise is to eliminate blemish and to bring out your natural glow.

Nothing compares to a fresh-faced glow  – it makes you feel like a million pounds, especially when you don’t have to stress much to achieve it.  Whether its oily, dry, sensitive or combination, or skin that is blemish-prone,  Caudalie’s Natural- Vinopure skincare trio provides what is needed to achieve a clear and blemish-free skin.  If your skin has large pores and blackheads, it could be as a result of  a build-up of dead skin cells and not dirt as generally believed. 

Read full article in Charming Magazine Issue 5.


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