Editor’s Brief:

Hard times of the past somehow motivate us today and serve as pointers towards a better direction for our tomorrow.  Therefore, let’s embrace every challenge or mistake we encounter in life, as they present us with opportunities to mature and to make things better – Believe it or not! …  (MKL  concurs).

Maureen Keke Layokun (Publisher, Charming Magazine)

“Glamour is something much more than what you put on your body. It has to do with the way you present yourself and the impact you have on others” (Tom Ford).

In other words, our dressing and presentation at all times should not only be about us feeling comfortable, it should be such that, we also leave a positive impression in the mind of every eye that beholds us.  

Charming Magazine stands by our promise to always promote brilliant initiatives by Africans in diaspora and to showcase our rich African culture, amazing fabrics and designs; hence, we have done the hard work of searching for elegant African styles, fit for different African occasions, from sources all over so you do not have to – saving you valuable time and energy. 


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Charming  Production Limited is not to be held responsible for all contents displayed in Charming Magazine, as articles, some of which we may not necessarily share identical opinions with, are contributed by freelance writers.  Some of the African fashion styles showcased in Charming Magazine are not affiliated nor related to us. They are publicly available from the internet and from various websites which retain all copyright.


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