‘Pay for my honeymoon if you want a drink’ – Bride-to-be plans to charge guests $22 a head to pay back costs at her wedding and honeymoon

A bride-to-be intends to charge guests a small fee to help defray the high cost of her wedding and honeymoon.

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The bride shared the details on a Reddit thread titled ‘Pay for my honeymoon if you want a drink,’ and she seemed unconcerned about the concept, calling it ‘fair and fine.’


‘Is this selfish… $15 (AUD $22) UNLIMITED DRINKS so read the WHOLE thing before you comment!!’ The bride, who is thought to be from the United States, wrote online.


‘For the reception, we’re doing an open bar with a friend bartending!’ she adds. ‘It will be unlimited drinks… BUT there will be a MANDATORY ONE TIME $10 (AUD $14) donation to our honeymoon or new house fund (I’m not sure yet) and a MANDATORY ONE TIME $5 (AUD $7) tip to the bartender!


‘So, when you go to get your first drink, you pay $15 total, and the rest of the night is FREE, with no tipping required unless you want to tip the bartender again!’ If you get my drift! Is that self-centered?


‘I told my family, and they said that if I’m going to have an open bar, I shouldn’t make anyone contribute to our honeymoon…’ WE’RE PAYING FOR EVERYTHING ON OUR OWN WITHOUT ANY ASSISTANCE… ‘I believe it is reasonable and appropriate.’


The bride added that she can’t imagine anyone complaining, and that if they do, they’ll ‘not be drinking’ on the day of the event.


More than 400 people criticized the bride’s plan in the Reddit thread.



‘I believe the execution is poor. But it’s not a bad idea. The last wedding I attended, a bottle of beer cost $12!’ Someone wrote.



‘I think if they just called it a drink ticket that you bought at the beginning of the night and is good for unlimited drinks, that would accomplish the same thing,’ wrote another. ‘Without revealing what the drink ticket money will be spent on.’


Others agreed with the bride, with one saying, ‘I know everyone is saying this is “fair,” which it would be if this were a public event.’ This is a wedding, and she is asking her guests to pay for drinks in order for them to be able to afford a honeymoon. ‘I just can’t.’


‘This is something that is done at a charity event. They’re getting married and throwing a party to celebrate themselves, right?’ another stated


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