My five sons after my life – 64-year-old man breaks silence

Abdullahi Hassan, a 64-year-old Bauchi trader, has raised the alarm over threats by his own sons to end his life, allegedly prompted by his ex-wife, charmingpro reports.

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Hassan, a resident of Bauchi’s Kandahar neighborhood who sells building materials at the Bauchi State capital’s Railway market, told journalists that his problems with his children from his first marriage, which he divorced six years ago, began when he separated from their mother.

According to him, he had to divorce their mother because the union was acrimonious, and he opted out of the marriage to find peace, not realizing that it would lead to his own children wanting to send him to an early grave.

He revealed that he provided for all of his children, adding that he always made sure that their needs were met while instilling good character in them.

He went on to say that he made certain that his tormentors-in-chief, the children, were educated, particularly in Islamic education, memorizing the Glorious Qur’an and learning Islamic Jurisprudence.

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The father seeking to save his soul claimed that the mother of his children was conspiring with them to kill him in order to inherit his properties.

“I made certain that I raised my children in the best possible mold of character and provided for their basic survival needs from the proceeds of my business.”

“However, I was made to understand that it is their mother who is inciting the children against me so that if they eventually kill me, they can benefit from my wealth,” Hassan claimed.

Hassan claimed that he had empowered the troubled children who were now threatening to kill him.

According to him, he did not stop there because, in accordance with Hausa culture and traditions, he ensured the first child married and settled down with his own family.

Despite this, when the children’s antics became too much for him, he disowned the eldest of them, adding that this did not deter them from carrying out their evil plans against him, and some of them had even begun stealing.

“I saw their stepmother’s phone with one of them after she complained about it being stolen.” I discovered the phone on the boy while investigating him.

“I raised the issue in several forums in the hopes of finding a long-term solution, but nothing has changed.”

“At first, I attempted to force the two elderly couples to marry. I gave one of them a shop, which he mismanaged, and the other forced me to pay the debt he had collected.

“I committed him to a correctional facility in Daura, where I spent over N200,000 on him.” However, this did not work. He is currently in Dengi, Plateau State, and I believe he is stealing there,” the beleaguered father explained.

Hassan stated that he had become hypertensive as a result of his battle with these five children.

He, on the other hand, sought assistance from the government and the people to save him from an untimely death by reining in his sons so that they would not kill him in order for “me to fully fulfil my destiny in life.”


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