Man sets own house on fire in Ilorin

On Sunday, an unidentified man from Lekki Face One, Eyenkorin Area, Ilorin, Kwara State capital, allegedly set fire to his own house, Charmingpro reports 

According to the state fire service’s spokesman, Hakeem Adekunle, the terrible incident occurred on Sunday around 10:28 a.m. in Ilorin.

He claimed that a Mr. Kola from the neighborhood was the one who quickly summoned the fire department to the fire.

The Kwara State Fire Service firefighters quickly extinguished the raging fire and stopped it from spreading to other buildings.

According to reports, the man “deliberately sprayed his own three bedrooms flat with petrol and then set it on fire due to his wife’s high frustration.”

Prince Falade John Olumuyiwa, Director of State Fire Service, has urged the general public to be more vigilant in their homes or offices.


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