Issue-based campaign: I agree with Tinubu – Obi

The Labour Party’s (LP) presidential candidate, Peter Obi, agreed with the All Progressives Congress’ (APC) Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Ahmed Bola that the campaign should focus on what will advance Nigeria’s growth, progress, and stability, Charmingpro reports 

Tinubu’s campaign organization said on Wednesday that Obi’s supporters are defaming him and that he should call them to order.

Obi said Tinubu’s statement reflected what he stands for in a statement signed by his Media Adviser, Valentine Obienyem, on Wednesday.

He emphasized the importance of all Nigerians refraining from spreading lies, malice, and disparaging other candidates.

Obi stated that if supporters had been aware of this, some articles published in some newspapers against Obi, including those with offensive titles, would not have been published.

“On the alleged fake letter from Ghana’s President and the alleged request for 50 billion Naira monthly payment, Obienyem said that while Obi was not concerned about their authenticity, it was wickedness to link them to his supporters, insisting that any publication from Obi’s group was always properly signed and the location it was coming from very clearly spelt out,” the statement read in part.

“We are aware that things are not going well in Nigeria. We are aware of agitations in various parts of the country; our principal has always stated what he would do with such organizations to put an end to their agitation and return them to Nigeria as one happy family. Rather than saying what they will do, they are here causing more problems by vainly and maliciously attempting to link their fellow contestants to some of those organizations.

“He expressed delight that Nigerians had discovered the truth and that such ruses used to deceive them would no longer work.”


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