Identity of the 14-year-old girl Nollywood actor, Baba Ijesha raped for 7 years revealed (details)

The Charming Magazine earlier reported that embattled Nigerian actor, Baba Ijesha was arrested and locked up for raping a 14 years old girl.

The Identity of the girl has been revealed to be popular comedienne, Princess’ 14 years old adopted daughter.

Anonymous Instagram blogger, Gist Lovers made the revelation.

According to Gist Lover, Baba Ijesha molested the girl when she was 7, he also did same by the time she turned 8.

He then approached her when she turned 14, but this time around, she opened up to her mother, who then set up a camera in order to catch him red handed.

Gist Lovers wrote, “So been investigating this whole rape issue and this is what GLB came up with, This baba ijesha raped one of princess comedian adopted daughter, according to the girl who we will like to keep anonymous, Baba Ijesha molested her while she was 7years old and when she was 8,when she was 14 baba ijesha made advance at her again and then she knows left from right, she confided in an adult and they set baba ijesha up with a CCTV Camera this time, that was how he was exposed.the matter is still at panti as Ali Baba’s side chic(Auntlanda)won’t let the matter go, she is following the case up with anger in her, at least she do this one well, she no snatch person husband this time around. We are also following the case up and will feed back our readers as the matter unfolds. I come in peace”


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