How hyenas mauled 9-year-old boy to death in Kenya

Mark Njoroge, a Kenyan man, has been a shadow of his former self since his 9-year-old son, Ryan Njoroge Mariga, was mauled to death by hyena packs, Charmingpro reports 


Ryan’s ashes will be interred in Nyacaba village, Juja Constituency, Kiambu County on Friday, September 23, 2022.


When the boy walked out of the house, his father had no idea it would be the last time he saw his only son alive.


A few hours later, his son’s clothes, a rib, and a spinal cord were discovered in the middle of a shrub not far from the family’s home.


On that fateful day, Mr Njoroge was sitting on his couch, watching TV and assisting Ryan with his math assignment before retiring to bed. Florence Njoroge, the boy’s mother, had already left the house for work.


Mr Njoroge became concerned because the boy had been outside for an extended period of time. He stood up and peered into the darkness, repeatedly calling out his son’s name.


“His father was puzzled because he was nowhere near the homestead,” the boy’s grandfather, James Kimani, explained.


Mr Njoroge, alarmed, walked to nearby homesteads but did not find the boy.


He returned to his house around midnight, fearful of the wild animals that roamed the area, and vowed to resume the search at sunrise.


His fellow villagers joined the search the next day. As other young people shared images of Ryan on social media, one team was dispersed to the nearby town of Malaba, while another combed through a nearby quarry.


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