How Funke Akindele allegedly ordered Mo Abudu to drop Toyin Abraham from “Chief Daddy” job

Funke Akindele and Toyin ABraham

It appears the rivalry between actresses and producers, Funke Akindele and Toyin Abraham isn’t going to end any time soon.

“A Tribe called Judah” producer, Akindele, has been accused of once blocking “Malaika” producer, Abraham, from a job with ace producer, Mo Abudu.

According to Instagram gossip Monger, Cutie Jules, Akindele ordered Mo Abudu, to de-cast Toyin Abraham from the movie “Chief Daddy,” after Abraham received payment for the job.

They wrote;

“You see what Uncle Moti said Kunle Afod has been doing for her? My dear, believe her. Most of these big names in the industry are like that. It runs in their genes.

I remember that time when Mo Abudu was casting CHIEF DADDY.

From very reliable source in Aunty Mo’s production team, Toyin was originally listed . They sent her full payment, script and all only for Funke to tell Aunty Mo to decast Toyin or she [Funke] will not be part of the movie.

That was how Aunty Mo had to use diplomacy to collect a refund from Toyin.

She then replaced Toyin with Kate. You know Aunty Mo and Funke were very very close until after she told Beverly Osu what Funke said about her and then when Funke heard it, she took a little distance from her. Anyway that’s just by the way.

But the main issue here is that people should allow people get their daily bread and keep personal beef’s aside. It’s not like people have to be close paddies before they can work together.

Professionals don’t do that.

Kunle Afod and co should learn to do better. The sky is big enough for everyone.

Funke nearly succeeded in making Aunty Mo decast Beverly if not the intervention of Aunty Joke Silva. Funke and Bev nearly fought physical on that job cuz Bev got furious when she heard it.

Because to her, she had no issues with Aunty Funke. The only issue was that she asked for pay increase on the Jeniffer’s diary job and Funke said no she can’t increase and so she Bev, quit.

That was it. Hmmm Nollywood people and playing d!rty politics.

May God help them.”


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