GUS Episode 12: First Individual Task Eviction Hits Hard, Bob Manuel Makes an Appearance and More [VIDEO]

The three clans, Irin, Amo, and Iroko, were dissolved, and individual missions began, bringing Osas’ quest in the Gulder Ultimate Search to a close.

It became a game of each man and woman for themselves as the number of contestants was cut to ten from the original 18 who entered the jungle.

Even the host, Toke Makinwa, observed and commented on how depressed the vibe was at the task field for the day. It was immediately apparent that it was related to their worry about the upcoming first solo job.

The day’s objective was Memory Jog, which required participants to memorize six distinct pictures. After being asked to identify the fourth image, those who got it were asked to move to the next level where they were asked to dismantle a wall with tennis balls and rebuild it to reveal the image of new the Gulder helmet.

Damola was the first to reassemble the demolished wall, and other competitors quickly followed suit. Chidinma and Osas were the only ones remaining at the end, despite their futile attempts to precisely position the blocks.

They fought for more than six hours before Kunel Remi, the taskmaster, ordered the remainder to retreat to Amorokin camp. The two surviving finalists were then given a five-minute deadline to sort it out. Chidinma was able to construct a semblance of the design, although Osas was unable to do so with the blocks.

Surprisingly, Bob Manuel, the actor and host of earlier seasons of the show, made a surprise appearance at the talking drum’s Bonfire Night.

The Contestants were star-struck as the actor gave them survival and winning tips to emerge victorious in their quest for the ultimate prize.

Back to their first individual task, the fate of the last two contenders was not sealed at the Place of the Talking Drum, there was a twist as Toke waited outside Amorokin camp to receive the contestants when they returned from the bonfire night.

There, Osas was asked to step aside and due to his inability to rearrange the blocks, was evicted. Chidinma on the other hand was given respite for her effort in solving the puzzle halfway.

Osas admitted that solving puzzles was one of his weaknesses and he had hoped it would not lead to his eviction from the jungle.



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