Everything about me is by accident – Obasanjo

Except for farming, everything about former President Olusegun Obasanjo is by chance.

Before being elected as a civilian President in 1999, Obasanjo was a former military Head of State.

But, according to Balogun Owu, the only thing he has done in his life that was not by chance is farming.

Obasanjo stated on Saturday during a live radio interview with Segun Odegbami on Eagles7 Sports 103.7 FM in Abeokuta that he is always proud to be addressed as a farmer.

Odegbami had requested that Obasanjo speak about his “romance with farming.”

“I don’t like the word you used, ‘romance with farming,'” the former President responded. I work as a farmer. What exactly do you mean by romance? Everything I’ve done in my life has been by chance. Farming is the only thing that is not by chance. Everything else I’ve done has been by chance. And you referred to it as romance? No! What exactly do you mean by romance?

“You are aware of my beginning. I grew up in a small village. I went to school by chance. ‘Won’t you do something different?’ said my father. So I started farming.

“When you look at the countries that have made it, agriculture has been the foundation of their development.” First, for food security; second, to process what they harvest from their farms, which is the beginning of industrialisation. Third, it will be exported in order to generate foreign exchange; and fourth, it will be used to create jobs for young people.


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