Babanginda needs a lot of prayers to see the end of 2021 – Evangelist Peace Egharevba Reveals

Evangelist Peace Egharevba brings trending story as a popular prophetess in Lagos State, made some shocking revelations in a cross over night, which was held 31st of December, 2020. She made lot’s of shocking prophecies as she even stated saying if Babanginda needs a lot of prayers to see the end of 2021

This popular Lagos prophetess is by name Evangelist Peace Egharevba of Mercy Hour Deliverance Ministry, Odogunyan Ikorodu Lagos. She is also called Mummy G.O by her members.

She not only talked about Babanginda dying this year, but also said death will raise among APC and PDP Members, not just that she went ahead to declare saying 5 Nigeria Celebrities will die this year, 2021.

Read her full prophecy for the year 2021 below:

2021 is a year where criminal activities will be everywhere. We should pray because January, February, March, will be too tough for people. Let us pray for the Eastern part of Nigeria against war. I see youth fighting against themselves rather than their enemies. Northern should be careful, I see a situation where they will not see anybody to kill again, I see people running out of all the States in the north. There will be serious attacks on Vice president of Nigeria.”

“I don’t know which country but I am seeing a president of a country dying soon. The Yoruba movie industry should speak in one voice because I see the government rising against them. I still see a plane crash containing dignitaries, I mean important people in Nigeria. Five great stars in the entertainment industry are dying this year.”

“Babanginda needs a lot of prayers to see the end of 2021. There will be serious confusion in Aso Rock. I see death among PDP and APC members in 2021.

I said it last year that I saw Nnamdi Kanu cooking a pot of soup that they should not allow it to done, I see this soup done this year, I am not seeing many people benefiting from it.”

“I see the strength of the herdmen waxing strong if government fails to act fast.

Lagos State governor should pray because i see an attack on his government through his cabinet. I see an attack in the palace of Oyo. I see another disease bigger than Coronavirus coming up in 2021. God revealed to me that there will be a new discovery in technology.”

“let us pray for our youth because I see them dying in groups. Parents let’s pray for our boarding schools, I see an attack on them.

President Buhari should pray not lose his seat overnight. I see women giving birth to more twins and triplets in 2021. I see more of financial breakthrough in 2021”.



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