He has been Living Inside a Machine For the Past 72 Years, See Why [Photos]

He has been Living Inside a Machine For the Past 72 Years, See Why [Photos]

Only God can save, there is nothing too hard or impossible for God to do, no situation is too difficult for God to handle. So in any situation or problem you find yourself, call onto God because only him can save you from that situation that looks impossible to man, He is the great Doctor over all doctors.

In life, we all are born different, so are our problems different, the situation you are into may seem to be worst, but go out and see others, then you will be even be greatful because yours may be the lowest and better.

We have many disabled people still living today, and many of this people may seem different, just as situations varies, but we all are also humans created by our creature, so everyone deserve to be treated equal like humans since we are all living creatures.

Most of you may not be opportuned to see many disable people which their situations seems to be worst than what you can imagine, but the suprising part of it is that most of them have learned to live with their conditions and are still greatful for the gift of life.

Many Disabled people we see around, some where born normal, but due to accident or illness which made them the way they look, and most were born that way (born disabled). Many people were born with rare conditions or genetic mutation.

Like i said earlier, most people were born healthy but due to illness or accident, which a perfect example for today’s illustration is Paul Alexander.

This young man by name Paul Alexander is someone who has spent almost his entire life living in a machine, and he has been living in that man made machine for the past 75 years till date.

Most of you may be wandering what lead him to such strange and critical condition, don’t worry I will tell you.

Handsome Paul Alexander also known as Alex, hills from Dallas, Alex is among the victims of the Polio outbreak which was recorded years back to have happened in the United States of America, which infected a total number of 6000 children.

This dangerous disease known as Polio affected the lungs of the 6000 kids and all of the kids had to be given iron lungs which was constructed as a machine. So because they found it very hard to breathe normally as humans do. The machine was created for all the polio patient after the illness infected over 6000 children in the United States, and unfotunately, Alex was among the people that were infected.

As time passed bye, most of the children that were placed in the machine recovered from the illness, but unfotunately Mr Alex never recovered and up till today he is still laying in the machine. See photos below of Paul Alexander and how he was feed by people.

It was also said that different proffesional doctors have tried their best to find solution to Paul Alexander’s condition but to no avial. So sadly Alex has been in the machine for over 75 years and his condition has not improved. Only God Now can Save him.

Please we all should pray for Alex because there is nothing impossible for God to do, in this situation only God can save him because nothing is impossible for God to do.


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