Abuja terrorist attacks: Buhari rewarding failure with ambassadorial appointments – Gumi

Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, a controversial Islamic cleric, has responded to terrorist attacks on the Guards Brigade in Abuja, Charmingpro reports

Gumi predicted insecurity because President Muhammadu Buhari rewards failure with an Ambassadorial appointment.

He was responding to the Federal Government’s plan to sanction BBC Africa Eye and Daily Trust for recent reports on the politics of insecurity.

Gumi blamed the insecurity in the North on illiteracy in a statement.

“What do you expect from a society (Fulani) that has been left in complete ignorance and lack of education, especially when their primary source of income (cattle) has been completely rustled by other criminal elements within and outside our security agencies with no effort by the government to address the injustice?”

“As I speak to you, cattle rustling continues. Many law-abiding Fulanis have been the victims of official extortion of their cattle. I have well-documented evidence involving some security agents in which I intervened personally. How do you expect the government to address insecurity, particularly in relation to Fulani bandits, if such cases of extortion and rustling are not addressed?

“When a Commander-in-Chief rewards failure with ambassadorial appointments in a system and society that records increased attacks, when security agencies cannot even protect Abuja, let alone the President, why blame the media for such failure and ineptitude in reporting it?” the cleric inquired


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