2023: Terrorists plan to remove Buhari, install their commanders – Spiritual Leader, Armstrong

Hezekiah Amstrong, the leader of the Seraphim and Cheribum Church of God, Barnawa Kaduna, PA, has predicted that there will be no election in 2023 because terrorists have strategized and completed all of their plans to unleash mayhem and take over this nation, Charmingpro reports

Amstrong, who revealed this to Charmingpro in an interview in Kaduna on Monday, said he went into 7 days of prayers and fasting over the Nigeria issue, and God gave him revelations about what would happen in 2023.

He stated that the fact that terrorists have gained more ground and are on the rampage everywhere, including the Federal Capital Territory, demonstrated that the President Buhari-led APC will not wait until 2023 before handing over the government to terrorists, either by force or willingly.

He stated that the terrorists will take over Nigeria before December 2022, as some will be appointed as governors and ministers in strategic positions by their commanders in action, resulting in the full implementation of Shari’a Law.

According to him, all abducted victims have been made slaves, with terrorists dictating their fate as they kill, remarry some, impregnate them, flog some victims, use some as sacrifices, sell some out, and subject them to inhumane treatment.

He stated that those behind the terrorist attacks in 36 states, including the FCT, will not stop until their main objectives are met.

“Imagine terrorists boasting about arresting Buhari and Elrufai within 24 hours, ambushing soldiers, injuring some, and kidnapping people in some communities.”


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