Woman who thought she was ‘molested by ghost’ finally nabs her attacker after setting up hidden camera

A woman who thought she was being molested in her sleep by a ghost discovered her landlord had been creeping into her bedroom at night after setting up a hidden camera,  Charmingpro reports 


The Singapore woman was living in public housing from the Housing and Development Board (HDB) when she became aware of a “phantom” touching and kissing her as she slept.


Speaking to a Singapore court, she said she was touched on her chest and in her crotch but that she could only see a “dark shadow” at the time.


CCTV later revealed that it was her landlord, 38, rather than something from the paranormal realm.


He was arrested and pleaded not guilty to two counts of indecent assault.


Shin Min Daily News reported that on August 29, 2022, the 30-year-old woman testified in court.


In her testimony, she said she and her boyfriend had taken on the rent of the flat in May 2021 and in June the landlord allegedly threw them a boozy party to welcome them in.


She said she felt a bit drunk and decided to go to bed but was woken up that night by being kissed on the mouth while she was fondled all over.


She initially thought it was her boyfriend but the “ghost” had thick hair while her boyfriend was bald.


The woman alleged the whole thing lasted for around 10 minutes before her boyfriend returned to the room.


The boyfriend also wondered if it had been a ghost since his girlfriend only saw a shadow.


“My boyfriend had heard that the landlord and his wife often travel to Thailand to pray to the gods,”  the woman said.


Taking the possibility of ghosts seriously, they didn’t call the police right away and instead installed a camera and stopped sleeping naked.


A second party on August 14 of that year was thrown by the landlord. Like the first, it was boozy and again the woman went to bed before her boyfriend.


Footage captured at 12.56am shows her sitting on the bed before a hand reaches around the door and turns off the light.


The landlord can be seen entering the room and touching her but she was seemingly not completely asleep and woke up.


Seeing that he had been caught, the landlord was recorded saying, “Your boyfriend is taking a shower. Are you okay?” He then left the room.


By the end of August the couple had found a new place to live and they even reportedly got their deposit back from the landlord’s wife.


The trial continues.


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