Woman facing 15 years in jail for secretly selling corpses and giving families fake ashes

An American undertaker is facing charges for allegedly selling dead bodies for cash and providing grieving families with fake ashes that she claimed belonged to their loved ones, Charmingpro reports.


Megan Hess is accused of passing urns containing fake ashes to families in order to conceal her heinous fraud.



She even gave one mourner a concrete mix in place of their loved one’s ashes.



The 45-year-old, who had previously denied all of the charges leveled against her, finally admitted the shocking truth earlier this week when she entered a guilty plea in court.


According to an FBI investigation, Hess forged dozens of body-donor consent forms at her Sunset Mesa funeral home in Montrose before selling various heads, arms, spines, and legs to medical research and extracting and selling the gold teeth.


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