UK Home Secretary Resigns – See Details


Suella Braverman UK Home Secretary was forced to resign as Home Secretary on Wednesday 19/10/2022, throwing the Prime Minister Liz Truss’s Premiership into further Chaos.

This is coming on the heels of the sacking of the Kwasi Kwarteng (1st Black Chancellor) and his replacement with Jeremy Hunt (former UK longest Health Secretary), resulting in the ripping up of the PM’s Economic Strategy and Plan; taking over of the government’s economic response; after Truss’s disastrous ‘Mini-Budget’ fallout.

Braverman was appointed when the new PM came into power in September, as she was seen as a ‘Back-Bencher’ and ‘Pleasing Choice’ because of her views on Immigration, Law & Order and Culture War.

The former Home Secretary is said to have resigned following a confrontation with the PM within the Parliament’s Lobby over her policies. In her 43days tenure (shortest-serving Home Secretary), she had been in the centre of controversies:
• Speaking against a proposed trade deal with India due to her worries that it would increase migration to the UK.
• Pledge to reduce net migration to the UK to tens of thousands a year (electoral promise).
• Used a debate on environmental protest to ‘blame a coalition of chaos’ including opposition parties and the ‘Guardian-reading, Tofu-eating Wokerati’ for supporting groups such as ‘Just Stop Oil’.
• Limit the number of ‘International Student Visas’ an income source for UK Universities.
• Her suggestion that Cannabis could be classified as a ‘Class-A Drug’.
• Her pursuance of the policy to deport Asylum Seekers to Rwanda.

She was an ‘Outspoken’ critic of the Prime Minister for her ‘U-Turn’ on the top rate of tax, suggesting the PM had fallen victim to a ‘Coup’ earlier this month. She was also accused of using her ‘Personal Mail’ to send an ‘Official Document’ to a fellow MP, in a serious breach of Ministerial Rules.

However, it seems her resignation was because of the PM requesting her to ‘Double-Down’ on her Immigration Policies; as evident in her resignation letter to the PM.
She has been replaced by Grant Shapps, the former Transport Secretary who backed Rishi Sunak (Liz Truss rival in the Conservative Leadership race), whose appointment has already raised eyebrows as he only a few days ago said it was unlikely for the PM to survive current political turmoil.


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