UK-based Nigerian woman who ordered guests without AsoEbi out of her party apologizes

uk woman asoebi party

The UK-based Nigerian mummy who ordered guests without AsoEbi out of her party has apologized and given reasons for her action.

The Nigerian lady who in a trending video was seen ordering guests at her party who did not wear her AsoEbi to leave has apologised. A video of her apologising for her action has now been shared online.

In the video, the elderly woman, who was commemorating her 70th birthday, said she became irate when she saw several guests who she later learned had attended her party without her permission. She claimed that group of individuals had purchased her aso ebi, and when she realized this, she returned their money since she did not want them present. She said that group insisted on coming nonetheless and that there was nothing she could do about it.

The Nigerian mummy continued by expressing her regret to the other guests who had been offended by her behavior.

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