Singer Simi Replies Critic Who Claims Her Career Has Slowed Down Since ‘Duduke’

Simi, a Nigerian musician, has replied to a fan who said her career had taken a setback following the release of her blockbuster hit tune “Duduke.”

The mother of one has released a few singles after the hit of ‘Duduke,’ but one Twitter fan was not thrilled.

According to a tweet published on Twitter by a man with the name Uby, Simi is clearly his favorite female singer, but people can’t deny the decline in her artistry following ‘Duduke.’

The singer reacted to the Twitter user by stating she could manufacture a thousand Dudukes but recognizes how tough it is to embrace change.

She conveyed her thanks for the man’s assistance and begged him to give her his undivided attention.

Uby wrote: “Simi is undoubtedly my favourite female artist, but we can’t ignore the dip in her craft after Duduke. What happened?”.

Simi replied: “My guy I can make a thousand Dudukes but I understand change is hard to receive. I appreciate your support and I’d like you to give SimiVibes a chance with zero bias”.


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