SHOCKING!!!!Mum-of-three caught trying to sell her child to total strangers for £4k

A woman was arrested after she attempted to sell her seven-year-old son to strangers for £4,000  Charmingpro reports 


The mother of three allegedly advertised her son for sale in order to pay off accumulated debts.


Nargiza, 36, met “buyers” at a shopping center to sell her son, but the buyers were volunteers from an anti-slavery charity who responded to her advertisements and posed as buyers.


A mother of three was caught trying to sell her child to complete strangers.


She was arrested for child trafficking in Russia.


Nargiza claimed her seven-year-old son “didn’t mind” being transferred to another family in exchange for money.


According to a spokesperson for the charity that saved the boy by posing as buyers: “We hoped until the end that it was a made-up story, a stupid joke, or a money-laundering scheme.


“When our group and the employees of the organized crime investigation group left for the ‘deal,’ we saw the boy being sold.


“Nargiza accepted the money and gave the child to a stranger.”



The 36-year-old was arrested, and her son, who was said to be from a previous relationship and disliked by her current husband, was placed in medical care.


“Nargiza explained that her husband did not like her eldest son, and they decided to sell the child to pay off their debts,” Alternativa’s spokesperson added.


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