Prepare Your Delicious Bambara (Okpa) with these Simple Process at Home [Photos]

Okpa is a traditional Nigerian food, very popular in the eastern parts of Nigeria. It is made with Bambara flour, which the flour is made from scratch by grinding dried Bambara nut/beans. In some parts of the world, it is known as Jugo Beans.

Today’s Update on Food & Beverages, I bring to you a simple preparation method to tryout for your delicious and tasty Okpa, known in English as Bambara, Please take your time to study the simple process so you can learn how to prepare your okpa at the comfort of your home.

Let’s start by knowning the ingredients needed for the preparation.


Okpa seed (Bambara Seed), Crayfish, Maggie Cube, Red Oil, Salt, Fresh Pepper, Uziza, Hot water.



Grind your Okpa seed into fine powder form using the Grinding machine. Make sure it is well grinded, if possible sieve it after grinding so you can achieve a smooth product.


Add some quantity of Red oil and use your hands to mix them properly so every part of the flour could be contaminated with the red oil (mixed very well).


Gather all the ingredients and Pound them together in a molter. Ingredients to be pound are Crayfish, Maggie Cube, Red Oil, Salt, Fresh Pepper, Uziza.


Now add more Red oil and mix again so the red colour can shoot out very well, giving your flour a complete red colour. Then add all your pounded ingredients into the flour and mix very well so everything could stick together.

STEP 5: Get your boiled hot water ready.

Using your hands to mix so you can smoothen everything together, add hot water and keep mixing until it turns liquid.


When it’s in a liquid form, you can then use your turning stick to keep turning so it gets well mixed, because the mixing aspect is the neccesary part.


Next, Get your nylons and add to the quantity you want and tie it up very well, use okpa nylon which is regarded to be very strong, ask for it in the market, they have specified nylons for Okpa.


Get your hot water boiling, make sure it is boiling very well before adding your tied okpa to it as illustrated in the image above.

Then cover it, give it enough time to boil very well with the good quantity of hot water. It dosn’t have over dosages of been heated, so you can allow it on heat for as long as you wish, just make sure it is well done for your health.

With the above methods, you have successfully prepared a delicious and tasty Okpa at the comfort of your home, so bring your food down and allow it to cool, then consumption begins.


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