Congratulations to Senator Ademola Adeleke on his victory in the just concluded Osun State Gubernatorial Election.

    I believe there are lots of lessons to be learnt by all and sundry from the results of the just concluded Osun Gubernatorial Election;  namely:

    • Never underestimate your Opponent.

    This was a major Flaw exhibited by Governor Oyetola and the APC; as they underestimated the mood of the Electorate and Political Relevance of their opponent; forgetting that the last Gubernatorial Election of 2018 was keenly contested and Governor Oyetola only won by a narrow margin of victory. Furthermore, the Adeleke PDP has put together a very formidable lean Political Machine, that was now more potent and capitalised on identifiable loopholes for Political Gain.

    • A Divided APC House Cannot Stand.

    The In-fighting between Governor Oyetola and Ex-Governor Rauf Aregbesola (current Interior Minister) leading to factionalisation of the APC in the State, is a contributing factor to the ruling party’s loss at the polls. The APC Party Machine at the centre (Acting Chairman Governor Buni) failed to address the problem and nip it in the bud and effort by concerned Party faithfuls at the State to reconcile the two men to see reason fell on deaf ears (Ego). By the time Current Party Chairman Abdullahi Adamu came on board few Weeks ago, the self-Irreparable damage had already been done and the Aregbesola faction, had already made their minds up to jettison Oyetola’s 2nd-Term Bid.

    • Political Goodwill of the Adeleke Family.

    In Osun State the political tenacity and doggedness of the Adeleke Political Dynasty goes way back to the 1st Republic, culminating in the Patriarch of the family being elected as a Senator in the 2nd Republic.  The Governor-Elect’s older brother – Isiaka Adeleke, was a two-time Senator and 2nd Governor of Osun State.  The Adelekes  known for their generosity and philanthropic gestures particularly to the people of  Osun State, and to Nigerians at home and abroad are well liked; hence enjoy a strong loyal political following, which came handy this time around.  Overlooking this Political Dynasty’s Power in Osun Politics by Governor Oyetola was a terrible error of judgement, which resulted in his loss at the Polls.

    • Adeleke Family Unity.

    This Adeleke Family are not only strong and united, but financially very buoyant to single-handedly bankroll any election process of interest to the Family. With vast investment in the United States of America, this family can be regarded as ‘Billionaires’ and the current head of the family ‘Dr. Deji Adeleke’ (Chairman Pacific Holding – owners of former Pacific Bank Nigeria) ensures that members of the family are well taken care of and the family’s Interests protected at all times and at any cost.  

    His Son David Adeleke (Davido), Hip-Hop / AfroBeat Artist, undisputedly one of Africa’s global successful artists has a cult following and massive influence on Youths, which was also a key strategy deployed to boost his Uncle’s Political Campaign.

    • Governor-Elect Ademola Adeleke’s Transformation.

    The Governor Elect having lost to the Incumbent Governor Oyetola, embarked on the transformation of his Image.  Out went the man described as an overzealous dancer, in came the calmer, educated politician, who could hold a good conversation, challenge and hold the seating Government/Governor to account.  This was clearly evident in the Television Debate, where he came out trumps as he reeled out figures and numbers, backed up his claims with facts which clearly caught the Governor by surprise, resulting in him talking his way out of trouble and virtually concluding the interview by the skin of his teeth. Adeleke PDP won the Television Debate hands down. This  the people took cognisance of and was reflected in the voting pattern.

    In all, Love him or Hate him, the Governor Elect has Re-Written History and proven not Only to the People of Osun but Nigerians as a whole, that with the right mind, family and self-belief; nothing is impossible for a willing soul, and with God – all things are possible.

    Congratulations to Governor-Elect Ademola Adeleke on the attainment of this Impeccable feat, and for cutting a niche for himself as an astute Politician in his own right.

    The People of Osun have spoken and their wish must be respected; as demonstrated by President Buhari’s Congratulatory Message to the Governor Elect.

    However, may I add that President Buhari as Party Leader must have a hands-on approach on Party Affairs in order to enforce discipline amongst party officials especially those in authority of Power and cabinet members. Open Indiscipline and anti-party activities/behaviour has cost the APC Edo and Osun States; unless the Party Machine works swiftly and take the ‘Bull by the Horns’, the Party might experience some avoidable Electoral Shocks.  Oyo State is another State where there is disaffection amongst party members, but I am happy our Presidential Candidate Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has personally intervened and promised to resolve tiding issues affecting the Party in the State.

    A situation where Ministers/Political appointees openly work against the interests of the party should not be acceptable and must not be tolerated, as this may impact the morale of hardworking grassroot members who are out there on the streets toiling and canvassing for votes.

    A great reminder to all aspiring politicians; Politics is a game of numbers – Not Wishes, Criticisms or Threats.

    Long Live APC! Long Live Asiwaju!! Long Live PMB!!! Long Live Nigeria.

    Written by Adetokunbo Layokun, (Businessman, Political Analyst, APC Diaspora Chieftain and Postgraduate Researcher).




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