Opinion: You are Not a True Muslim if You Don’t Know Any of These 10 Facts

    Opinion: You are Not a True Muslim if You Don't Know Any of These 10 Facts
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    Charming.com bring few Facts the Muslims Believed so much in. As a true Muslim, you are meant to know all of these facts.

    Note: Photos are used for description Popurses Only.

    First lets know whon the Muslims are. They are the set people who follow or practice Islam, also a monotheistic Abrahamic religion.

    Another thing about the Muslims are, they consider the Quran, as their Holy Book, just as the Christian consider the Bible as their Holy Book. The Muslims consider Quran as their Holy Book to be the verbatim word of God as revealed to the Islamic prophet and messenger Muhammad.

    Majority of Muslims we hear about or see today are followers of the teachings and practices of Muhammad known as sunnah, which is as recorded in traditional accounts of the Muslims.

    As a True Muslim, it is expected of you to know these histories of your religion, so you can be able to answer questions whenever you are asked, to prove you are dedicated to your religion. This Article is aimed at finding out how much the Muslims know about their religion.

    1. The False Messiah Dajjal is the worst person Allah ever created.

    A True Muslim should know that “The False Messiah Dajjal is the worst person Allah ever created”. It was stated that the False Messiah is seen as the anti Christ that comes and tries to lead the people astray. It is also said to be that he is going to deceive people with signs and wonders so they will follow him.

    2. Qabil was the first person to kill another person;

    Next, a True Muslim should know about is about the story of Qabil and Habil also known as Cain and Abel according to the Christians. It was said that Qabil killed his brother out of Jealousy when his sacrifice was not accepted by the Lord. This was the first murder ever made. So a True Muslim is bound to know about Qabil and Habil (The Two Brothers).

    3. Prophet Nuh was the first messenger that was sent by Allah;

    Its was stated by the Muslims that Prophet Nuh also known as Noah by Christians, was the first messenger to be sent by Allah to warn the people to change from their ways and also tell them about the coming flood. Nuh also was the person to built the mighty Ark. So if you are a true Muslim you sure to know or be taught about this.

    4. Habil was the first person to die on Earth

    Every Muslim believes that Habil which the Christians know as Abel, was killed by his brother Jabil, so he was the first recorded death on earth.

    5. Adam was the first Prophet in Islam

    Adam is seen by the Muslims as the first man and also the first Prophet in Islam. Muslims also see him as the Father of the human race, so a true Muslim should be aware of this also.

    6. Abu Bakr was the first man to accept Islam

    According to the Muslims, Abu Bakr was a friend to Muhammad, and after Abu Bake accepted Muhammad as a Prophet, he decided to get converted to a Muslim and he was the first man to be accept Islam, so take note also.

    7. Prophet Ibrahim was Allah’s Closest friend

    Prophet Ibrahim or mostly known by the Christians as Abraham was known by muslims as someone that was close to their Allah. And Ibrahim was the first Prophet that was asked by Allah for his son as sacrifice and he showed his dedication by carrying out the order of Allah obediently.

    8. The first woman to accept Islam was Kadijat Bint Khuwaylid;

    Kadijat Bint Khuwaylid was said to be the first wife of the Prophet Muhammad, she was also his first female follower. Muslims refer to her as the mother of the believers, and known as the first woman to accept Islam.

    9. Judgement day will take place on a Friday

    A True Muslim should know very well that Judgement day will take place on Friday, which is well belived by the Muslims.

    10. Ishmael was the father of all Arabs.

    Finally a True and Dedicated Muslim should know that Ishmael was the father of all Arabs.

    So if you know all the above 10 facts about the Muslims, then you are a True Muslim.

    Note: Photos are used for description Popurses Only.

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