Decades ago, 50-year old women were considered ‘elderly’ – and most of them did look every inch what that word defines?   In today’s modern world however, like old wine, many women in their 50s are ageing gracefully and looking far younger than their chronological age.  Most are blessed with extremely good looks, vitality and a sunny disposition.  They are enjoying life to the fullest much more than they did when in their 30s, providing important insights into today’s modern-day lifestyle.  These are women who have paid their dues – they have worked very hard over the years to build a family, a career and a happy future for themselves, and at this stage they are relishing all the goodness that comes with maturity and experience.

Text Box: The older you get, the more you appreciate you!
“The older you get, the more you appreciate you”

Age:   50 years old

Status:  Mother of 2 and a grandmother

Profession:  Homemaker

Beauty Secret:

Health – I love myself more, do reflexology and Lymphatic massage to drain out the free radicals (toxic waste) in my body. 

Beauty – I use Visible difference and Makari Natural Body Lotion and Orin.

Make up – I don’t have a preference but I have a lot of Mac and Sleek products. 

Keep fit: I drink a lot of water, eat in moderation and do monthly body massage as mentioned above. 

The Animal that best describes me is a Lioness, as that is the meaning of my name, AFISHETU.  I possess its bold, fierce, confident, aggressive, protective and leadership characteristics, although I could be emotional and empathetic in certain situations. 

Likes:  Straight forward and honest people. I enjoy cooking, and like shopping as it makes me very happy.

Dislikes: Two faced people and people who have no minds of their own and are easily tossed about.

Age: 52 years old. 

“I dance to keep fit”

Profession: Project Manager. 

Status: Mother of 2 grown up children. 

Beauty Secret:  

Health:  I drink warm water first thing and room temperature water all day long; eat colourful fruits and berries; avoid processed foods; and eat more chicken, turkey and fish than red meat. 

Beauty Regimen: I wipe off all makeup before going to bed using gentle facial wipes and a moisturising/cleansing facial wash, then use a gentle facial toner after washing.  I complete the regimen using a good quality day/night cream, and a separate night eye cream. 

Keep fit: I walk for a minimum of 30 mins a day. I also go to Zumba classes when I can. 

The Animal that best describes me is a Wolf – because I am very loyal (and expect others to be), assertive, a goal getter, resilient, bold, very adaptable, sociable, a mentor, clear headed and very strong willed. In addition to being kind, tactful and empathetic, I could sometimes be confrontational if it’s required.  I am often described as an ambivert, or one with a paradoxical personality. 

Likes:  I love peace, meditating, travelling, Spa getaways, socialising, music, exploring, research and continually developing myself. 

Dislikes:  Liars, narcissists and violent people or situations.

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