Now Is the Time to Invest in Africa – Tony Elumelu insists

    Tony Elumelu

    United Bank for Africa (UBA) Group Chairman, Tony Elumelu has insisted that now is the time to invest in countries in Africa.

    Even as the pandemic inflicts a devastating toll on the global economy, the Igbo born business mogul stands his ground.

    “Africa is a land of opportunity. Challenges exist in Africa, but we also have a huge return on investment,” Elumelu said during a TIME 100 Talks discussion with contributor Kim Dozier. “There’s no better time to make that bet than the time we live in.” He said

    Today there’s more market stability than ever before and there’s a willingness and realization by African leaders that capital will come to where it’s welcome. So they’re trying to make an enabling environment in their markets and in their countries to attract foreign investments.

    Watch the clip below…


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