My son was killed by a group of persons – Father of police officer allegedly stabbed to death by colleague in Kebbi, says

Sani Malumfashi, the father of the police officer who was allegedly stabbed to death by his colleague in Kebbi state, has called on the police and other relevant security agencies to help in fishing out the killers of his son, Charmingpro reports.


The State Police Command had said that ASP Shuaibu Sani Malumfashi was killed  by his colleague, ASP Abdullahi Garba during an altercation inside fishing village area in Argungu town.


In a press conference in Kaduna on Friday, October 28, Malumfashi, who is also a correspondent with the Hausa service of the Voice of America (VOA), also debunked the assertion made by the police that his son was allegedly killed by a colleague.


“Based on our findings, my 33-year-old son was killed by a group of persons. You see when they brought his corpse for the ritual bath carried out on a dead Muslim corpse, we saw that his neck was dangling. This is suggesting that he was strangled to death by his killers,” the grieving father explained.


“We believe, one person held his hands to the back and one other strangled him and then use a sharp object to pierce his heart. There could be a third person who was looking at the house when the heinous act was being perpetrated. Those of us who saw his corpse with some medics concluded that one person could not have killed him,”

Malumfashi maintained that more worrisome was his murder happened around 2.10 pm in the afternoon, saying,”Even though, he lives alone in a chalet because his wife has just given birth, how could he just be killed in that hour without any clue?,”


Speaking further, Malumfashi who was one-time chairman of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Kaduna council, said; “I know my son is gone. He will not come back. But I want those who have a hand in his murder to be fished out,”


“If a police officer of his rank, a Divisional Crime Officer(DCO) could be killed like that, what more of a poor journalist like me or the man on the street. I want justice for my son. Let us know why he was killed and those behind his gruesome murder” he declared.


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