Introducing the …. Never Knowingly Boring Boss-Lady of ‘OPALEYE’ Fashion Accessories, Ms. Christiana Opaleye…..

It happened far away in Spain; it was an accidental meeting yet a very delightful one when Charming Magazine Publisher, Maureen Layokun met with the indefatigable, vivacious and sexy Christiana Opaleye, founder of OPALEYE Fashion Accessories.  Her sense of creativity is beyond measure, and there is no denying her passion and love for what she does.  In this edition, Christiana talks about how it all started and what keeps her going on.

Could you please tell us briefly about your background – who is Christina Opaleye?

Christiana Opaleye is a Statement Fashion Addict who believes that everybody has been created uniquely to stand out and also believes that no one is knowingly boring, and this can be seen in every part of her life  –  specially in fashion and accessorizing.

My background is Law –  and mainly wearing boring black and White.  To make me stand out from the sea of ‘Black and white’, my accessories were what I used to make that Statement. I refuse to be boring, so I choose to be Never Knowingly Boring!!! 

About your Brand  – OPALEYE, how did your journey into the fashion accessory industry begin?

Opaleye modelling one of her Big, Bold & Statement set

My journey into the fashion accessory officially started in 2015. As long as I have been aware of fashion,  I have always loved unique accessories and I can go to the end of the world to get a unique piece that I  know will stand out. Friends had always complimented me on how I wear my pieces,  and how I am able to make an outfit stand out so uniquely because of the way I accessorize it – I just always said ‘Thank You’.  However, on this particular occasion  –  a friend complimented a piece I had on and I said ‘Oh, I sell it!…. And that was the beginning for OPALEYE.  So I did my research into getting unique and statement accessories that look stunning BUT the price will not break the bank…..

Full interview in Charming Magazine Issue 6


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