I’ll fix education sector in six months – Accord presidential candidate, Chris Imumolen

Professor Chris Imumolen, the Accord Party’s (AP) presidential candidate, has promised to fix Nigeria’s education sector in six months if elected, Charmingpro reports 

Imumolen, a certified scholar and the youngest candidate in Nigeria’s current presidential election, made the pledge at a session organized by the PCI movement and his friends across Lagos.

He announced empowerment schemes for farmers and other practitioners, including the “I Will Prosper” business scheme, which will benefit Nigerians by allowing them to freely reap the benefits of a network that creates millionaires through financial and business opportunities.

Imumolen also distributed millions of dollars to various lucky individuals at the event.

According to the candidate, human capital is the most important asset of any nation, which is why he promised to prioritize it as president, emphasizing that the education sector will receive approximately 20% of the budget.

Imumolen assured that the infrastructure in the sector will be greatly improved as part of a revamping strategy that will eliminate age-old bureaucracy and corruption that have strangled the vital sector for far too long.

“As President, I will ensure that lecturers are paid on time; that the academic environment is conducive for all students; and that there are cross-cultural alignments as foreign students from various climes find the Nigerian education sector appealing,” he promised.


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