I can never act unclad – Nigerian actress Chinenye Uyanna reveals

Chinenye Uyanna
Chinenye Uyanna

Fast rising Anambra born Nigerian actress, Chinenye Uyanna has revealed that she can never act unclad.

She made this known in a recent interview.

Asked if she would ever consider going unclad on a movie set if the price is enticing, she says, “I can never act unclad. In some movie scenes, when I am lying on bed with a man, I still have my clothes on under the covers. But there was a particular movie I did, and when I got to a certain scene, the producer asked me to remove my clothes before going under the covers with a man. We were just shouting at each other, we spent over three hours arguing about it. This is Africa and I want to get married and have children. What will it look like, for my children to grow up and see me acting nude? What will I tell them?”

When asked if she has ever considered marrying an actor, she said, ” Never.  Because we two can’t leave the house at the same time. You know movie jobs takes you round so I need a man doing something different so we can meet half way not when I’m home my hubby won’t be around because of one shoot or the other.”


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