Girl cries out bitterly after finding just 2k in a piggy bank she used for 11 months

Piggy Bank
Piggy Bank

A girl has taken to Facebook to weep bitterly after she found only two thousand naira in a piggy bank she started using in January.

According to her, she saved a thousand naira daily for 30 days and stopped. She was expecting to see 30 thousand naira in it but saw only 2 thousand naira.

Read her post below:

“See enhhh….I’m in severe pain right now….I had this piggy bank since january and I religiously put 1k from 1st-30th January…meaning I had 30k inside….I now just dumped it aside and never dropped anything inside again because I started other contributions in February… I was broke and decided to open it so dat I will just use d 30k inside oh.People of God,see what I found inside….2k…I dont know weather to cry or just shout….Has anyone experienced this before? Because this thing I’m looking at want to turn me to


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